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We are part of a knowledge-based society, where technology acts as a tool for empowerment and continuously exploring the potential for innovation to revamp the way education has traditionally been disseminated. Today the entire education system is evolving more around the digital world & time has come to understand the need to implement effective solutions to make the system more optimized.

Technological innovations depend highly on adaptability & implementation of ideas. As the generation is changing with technology, their observation power, understanding power and learning power are also changing. It is becoming more visual and digital. So, accordingly, the education service providers have to bring the necessary changes in their knowledge sharing process.


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Apogaeis detailed service offerings Campus Automation

This is one of the most adopted automation systems in the world. The entire school/college campus automation. When we say operations, it includes application form submission to campus placement selection. In between, there are many processes like admission, notes, assignment submission, research paper submission, attendance management, learning from home, examination, evaluation, result publication, notice, meetings, cultural activities, and campus placement. Just imagine getting all of these on your smartphone through a mobile app. One message can reduce all the hassle.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Mobile Learning

We develop the educational mobile app which has significant advantages. The reach is very high and users can move around and learn from their mobile devices. Students can access learning modules and submit assignments. Video learning and other customized software can be integrated into the app. Mobility has certainly reduced the constraint of distance between education provider & learner.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions and cloud-based applications reduce infrastructure costs, increase accessibility, enable collaboration, and add flexibility in the educational system. Cloud computing opens up a world of new possibilities for students, especially those who are not served well by traditional education systems.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Smart Campus

We offer smart campus solutions powered by IoT. IoT's ability to track objects, students, staffs, assets and connected devices across campus takes safety to new heights. Apogaeis solutions make the system smart, safe and time-saving. Smart ID cards can locate a student, cashless access to cafeteria, library, lab etc.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Consulting Services

We provide end to end education consulting services. We offer consulting services which include system integration consulting, educational portal development & consulting, admission process automation consulting, application development consulting.


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