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Transportation plays an important role in global supply chain context that facilitates economic progress, which leads the overall development of a country. It is also a key factor in taking development to remote areas by opening them for trade & investment, connecting with key business hubs.

But, the unorganized business model & lack of using technology has put this industry little behind. Roadways distribution industry holds a major position among all the mediums in global logistics & distribution. Challenges faced by this sector are fuel cost, route optimization, warehouse management, safety, capacity utilization, fleet management & much more. But the major issue is fuel cost.


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Apogaeis detailed service offerings Data Analytics

We offer data analytics services for transportation & logistics industry which has immense benefits. This includes operation optimization, performance management, daily delivery calculation, resource engagement and fleet management. Our innovative solutions have allowed logistic companies to implement service strategies which could help us to get a faster service opportunity.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Transportation Management System

We offer customized TMS solutions powered with many innovative features & expected to touch new heights of innovation in coming years. Warehouse management, labor management, goods management, fuel management, route optimization, and capacity utilization are some of the most important features.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Mobility Solutions

We develop mobile apps to help logistic companies to extend their business to mobile devices. Our developed mobile apps offer functionalities like real-time information capture, real-time messaging, order dispatching, route tracking, warehouse management etc. Overall system and technology help to monitor & report the condition of the vehicle, vehicle positioning using GPS, vehicle safety, and also allows the manager to communicate with the driver.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings IoT Solutions

Apogaeis offer smart logistics operations, which show faster ROI and reduce management complexities. Enterprises are accelerating productivity, profitability, and operations with solutions designed with the help of IoT. Enterprise can connect all devices to a centralized network to capture & share data.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Fleet Management

Our experienced fleet management specialists understand our needs and design technology-enabled systems that will not only handle the data, but also monitor and analyze it so it makes sense and becomes actionable, extending the benefits of ARI programs even further.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Route Optimization

Apogaeis route optimization software helps enhance operational efficiency through better route scheduling. The vehicle route planning schedule is generated in real time to allocate mobile fleet resources to optimize operating efficiencies, deliver priority service to the most profitable accounts, and maintain a healthy customer relationship. Our route optimization solutions help logistic companies reduce operating costs, fuel cost and save time.


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