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Mobile application development is considered to be an extremely challenging operation by many enterprises, owing to its multiple platforms and ever changing technologies. Apogaeis offers end to end services in the field of mobile application development across platforms. We are continually raising the standards and setting higher bars for mobile applications. Our mobile applications are cross platform compatible, personalized and highly cost effective.

As a leading mobile application development company, Apogaeis has extensive experience in building high performing, digitally transformative and feature-rich native mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile.


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Apogaeis detailed service offerings Android App Development

We are one of the most trusted technology partners for many global companies when it comes to android application development. We have developed feature rich android mobile applications in different industries such as healthcare, entertainment, retail, technology, education just to name a few. Our Android developers are well-versed in developing standalone apps, database driven apps, client-server, web service driven apps. We are specialized in Android Game Development, social app development, and business app development.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings iOS App Development

Apogaeis follow a comprehensive approach to develop iOS applications after taking business requirements into consideration. Our iOS developers are highly skilled and possess knowledge of all iOS development technologies like C, C++, Swift designing etc. We make sure your app fits the user requirements and offer a high rate of app performance and engagement. Our iPhone and iPad development covers game development, social networking app development, location based solutions, business applications, video solutions, augmented reality solutions, and CRM solutions.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Cross-Platform Mobile Development

When it comes to developing cross-platform mobile apps, Apogaeis's expertise and skills are unmatched. We use technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and frameworks such as Ember.js, AnglurJS, jQuery or PhoneGap, SproutCore for cross-platform app development. Our powerful apps provide high-end user experience across devices and platforms. We use agile development methodology to deliver our cross-platform mobile development projects. Our Cross-Platform Mobile Applications cost 30% less than specific apps and the development cycle is much lesser.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings HTML5 Mobile Development

We develop HTML5 apps which are highly compatible across devices and platforms. Our HTML5 applications perform seamlessly in today’s highly advanced mobile and desktop browsers. Apogaeis develop HTML/HTML5 apps for both web and mobile which provides an excellent user experience and transform the way a business interacts with its customers. Our HTML5 app development includes application development, plugin development, migration services, and maintenance and support services.


Look Beyond Possibilites with Our Service Offerings


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