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Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Solutions

Apogaeis's enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions deliver notable cost savings and highest productivity improvements without worrying much about development infrastructure and IT cost. We apparently refurbish existing applications for the cloud and develop cloud based applications much quicker. Our PaaS solutions are for businesses who want to facilitate software applications without the complexity of technology, cost of buying, managing and maintaining the hardware architecture.

Challenges of PaaS

PaaS solutions have various business challenges to face both as a technology and a business owner. Let's discuss few of them;

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Lack of Trust

Believe it or not, there are still business leaders who have trust issues when it comes to cloud computing. Not all are comfortable keeping their business data in someone else's house.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Implementation

When it comes to technological implementations, there is always a bit of confusion. As there are different specialties in a business unit and business need is different for them, you can expect different views. We often noticed companies bogged down in a dilemma of which PaaS solution to implement.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Choosing the right service provider

Finding the right technology partner is a big task. No one wants to lock in a contract where they have to compromise on quality or need. There are many PaaS service providers in the market, but there are few who provide additional integrated services and real value addition.

How it Works?

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Creation of the Application

Developers use PaaS often from conception to the creation of applications, to testing and application deployment.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Features Selection

Businesses can choose the features as per their requirement while they can ignore features which they don't need. They can moreover choose a set of service to suit their business needs.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Pay-Per-Use

Pay only for what you use. Just like electricity. PaaS solutions are subscription based and the price depends on the number of users and number of features subscribed.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Support

No need to worry for infrastructure and application support. The service provider will take care of all this, while you can concentrate on your core business activities.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Auto Upgradation

Services are constantly auto updated. Existing features will update automatically while new features will be added.


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