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Research & Development

The approach followed by a software company in a software development process determines the future success of the company. Three aspects which are very important in any software product are; INNOVATION, QUALITY, and TECHNOLOGY. These 3 aspects must be addressed within the constraints of timeframe, associated cost, and available expertise.

We visualize future products & build them looking at the future needs or problems or required changes in the current market. The idea needs to translate into a concept which can be clearly communicated to the market and addresses a targeted market niche.


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Apogaeis detailed service offerings Role of Research and Development

Research and Development is very vital for any organization and its future sustainability. The more you do research before developing the product, chances are the product will be more robust and durable. R&D basically can contribute in two ways. One. Sustained Product Development and Two. Disruptive Product Development

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Sustained Product Development

Sustained Product Development can be defined as the long term support requirements during the design and development of a software. The process of conducting the long term support, after the completion of development. R&D professionals spent a reasonable amount of time to build sustainable software products which can help an organization to enhance its productivity and lessen operational time. This kind of development requires a decent amount of capital investment and the lead time is usually high.

Apogaeis detailed service offerings Disruptive Product Development

A Disruptive Product Development is one which replaces an established technology or product and brings a change in the industry or a ground breaking product which creates a new business vertical. For example, PCs replaced typewriters, which changed the way we work and communicate. Cloud Computing can be another example, displacing many resources that would conventionally have been located in-house or provided as a traditionally hosted service.

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