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Best Customer Onboarding Practices for your Business

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Customer onboarding is one of the most important factors in today’s business world. Imagine, after spending months of time & a huge amount of money you developed an app, run campaigns to catch customer attention, generate a decent amount of in-app traffic which is followed by app installations. Bulls Eye! You must be thinking, it will be easy for you now to make money from your app. But, the reality is something different. A study shows 60% of the users will install your app & will check it once, will never come back again. 56% of the users will forget your app after first 60 days. You will become just another app on someone’s smartphone. In order to be one of those few brands who position themselves at the top of a user’s mind, you need to practice one very important strategy – Plan & Optimize your Customer Onboarding Process.

Before discussing more on how to optimize and plan your customer onboarding process, let’s first understand what is customer onboarding process. A customer onboarding process is to offer an outstanding first impression in order to attract & retain your customers. It is a strategy to tell your customers what you have for them. An excellent customer onboarding process includes welcoming a new customer to your app, navigating them inside your app, addressing their queries, providing support and ensuring a splendid user experience. Customer onboarding is an ongoing process which needs a strategy & efficient execution.

Importance of Customer Onboarding Strategy

A Gartner report says, 80% of your business revenue comes from the 20% of your existing customers. If you are missing an opportunity to engage these existing customer, you will lose them, and with that, you will lose all the time & money you spend on marketing. Your company’s future revenue significantly depends on your current pool of customers and how they feel about your service. There are basically 3 aspects of customer onboarding system.

Now as you got an idea on what is client onboarding & why it is important for your business. Let’s come to the topic & discuss how to ensure a seamless onboarding for your customers.

Define your goal & Build a team around that

Your first step towards achieving a compelling customer onboarding system is to identify & set your goals. You need to understand your niche and market trends. Always keep customers and their preferences at the top. After understanding your action plan you can proceed to develop a customer onboarding process strategy. Your objective should always be engaging your customers and offering them an excellent product experience. The process will cover information sharing, support, customer guidance and analysis. Then it comes to building a team to achieve those goals. A subject matter expert is a must in executing an effective onboarding program. You need to form a team with the blend of experts in market research, technology, thought leadership and customer service. They can initiate and manage a customer onboarding program effectively.

A Welcome Note

This is the first point of communication between you & your customer. Make sure to put an immediate impact. When a user opens your app for the first time, all he/she expect is a cordial welcome experience. You have to prioritize every small aspect. Starting from the sign-up process or account set up procedure. Don’t make forms lengthy & keep them short and simple. A compelling CTA is very crucial during the course of your first interaction. The mission should be to get the customer back to your app again.

Videos will create Magic

Never assume your customers know everything about your app. Though in today’s world of smartphones and smart devices, people have become extremely tech-savvy, still it is always good to navigate a user when he arrives for the first time inside your app. An in-detail demonstration is always needed. This is when a video can do real magic. A research shows users are 60% more responsive to video content & can understand fast. With the right combination of engaging content and graphics, you can help your customers understand your app & offered features. In your video product tour, always try to keep few things unexplored & let a user explore all by himself. It is always important for you to share content. You can understand what your customers are preferring and which feature they like the most. You can optimize the entire customer journey to make sure a “Wow” moment.

Track your Customers

It is very important to track your customers and analyse their current status. Analytics can be used in the first place to monitor user activity. If a user is active & using your app regularly, all good. If you find users installed your app, but not using it, you need to start the onboarding process again.

You need to strategize ways to reach them. Tracking your customers is only one step, adding them to your user list is important. Measuring results, analysing reports, and implementing plans are key in order to get diverted users to the list of loyal customers.

Tell your Success Stories

No one is interested to know about your product. Customers are more interested to know how it can help them. In order to engage a high rate of customers, you must share your success stories with them. Let them know how your app added value to someone. Testimonials are no more relevant. In place of that, you can put real business examples. You can always look for companies like Dropbox, Toyota, Airtel, IBM who are best success storytellers in the industry. Sharing experiences are always effective in customer onboarding process.

At the end, it is an experience for them

Onboarding is not a single program. It is a continuous process. It is an experience which you need to offer. Customer onboarding is broadly an aggregate of tools, customer communication & support, value addition, building relationship and offering something innovative. If you wish to offer an amazing customer experience and build a long-term customer bond, you have to be extensively interactive. At the end, customer onboarding is not a one-time affair, it is an experience for your customers which needs regular execution.

Final Words

It takes time & money to do marketing campaigns & attract potential customers. So, it is very important to do everything possible to in order to keep them onboard. For any app, the initial 60 days are crucial. You must implement your best strategies during the initial stage for an app launch. If a customer feels let down during that time, it will be all over for you. A robust customer onboarding strategy plays an important role in minimizing customer attrition rate. So, all you need to do to thrive your business is an impactful onboarding plan and eminent team to execute them.

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