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The Top 7 Latest Technology Trends

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From the trends of past couple of years, it is very clear that 2017 will be a year of action for CXOs. In 2016, we witnessed the C-suite started delivering on the commitmentof latest technology trends such as AI, machine learning, data analytics, the internet-of-things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) and enterprise mobility.

2017 needs a lot of strategical implementations from the C-suite in order to revamp their business processes. However, IT executives will hold the most important roles. They need to hold a key for cyber security and have to stand on the expectation of increased customer expectations.

Let’s see the top 7 latest technology trends moving forward into 2017.

Many companies are not being able to match up with the competition because they are not digitally transformed. Digital transformation requires leadership & direction. CXOs are responsible for around 60% of the digital transformation in corporate.

Analytics to be used more for better decisions

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence will hold the utmost importance in companies. It’s up to the CXOs who are going to play an important role in adopting and implementing analytics. Analytics is been valued highly by the C-suite. All the business decisions in 2017, will be taken keeping an eye on the data. IT leaders will rely heavily on latest technologies like machine learning, business automation, enterprise mobility solutions, and predictive analytics.

Business Analytics

Why are business owners giving importance to business analytics? More the businesses are moving towards business intelligence, organizations are forced to capture, store and interpret data. Data holds the key to business success. They need correct information for any business decision-making process.

AI and Machine Learning will set the platform

We have seen the glimpse of AI magic in 2016 in business enterprises. In 2017, businesses will increasingly integrate AI and machine learning into their products. Artificial intelligence technology has accelerated and it has personalized product/service offerings. This has made a material impact on enterprise and customers.

Machine learning will drive most of the business decisions. It will be used as a source of insights that was not possible manually before. In upcoming months, business leaders will look beyond using big data to solve business problems and they will put big data to use as the next step. IT teams will utilize insights gathered from machine learning to personalize customer experiences.

Accountability for Cybersecurity

As 2016 witnessed major security breaches and data hacking, C-suite members will be held more accountable for company cyber security practices. These breaches often impact customer data, business information, so it is very crucial for the business decision-makers to draw a solid cyber security policy and Counter all kind of Cyber-attack.


With the introduction of technologies like data analytics, enterprise mobility, BYOD and IoT- the amount of business information is increasing at an unstoppable pace, so in 2017, we’ll see the C-suite wrestle with the balance between protecting business strategies and customer data to foster product innovation.

More founders are joining meetings, forums, events related to cyber security to understand and discuss how enterprises can deal with security threats.

Adoption of AR and VR

In 2016, consumer versions of major VR platforms were released, but there were no major AR platforms. AR and VR are still in their early stages where companies are experimenting. 2017 will see more enterprise experimentation in industry verticals. More adoption will take place where value exists on phone-based VR/AR so they can drive major business goals.

VR will enter the mainstream in 2017 as per many CTOs. This is going to be a revolution for brands, because VR will create immersive marketing opportunities. Businesses can establish emotional connections with their consumers, allowing them to strengthen their brand in more effective ways. IT leaders are bracing themselves to learn more VR/AR practices to not miss any opportunities.

You just can’t Ignore IoT

Many business leaders are predicting that IoT-specific platforms will play a more active role in the enterprise context. They will use the most ubiquitous people sensor, mobile device, to tailor physical environments to individual preferences. Businesses in 2017 will look to leverage a large amount of business data generated by many sources to drive higher revenue and profit. Businesses can find appropriate storage and management solutions to transform business processes.

The C-suite will analyse latest business trends, remote monitoring of the entire process, and optimize cost by managing critical machinery by implementing IoT strategies. IoT will provide CXOs an opportunity to create seamless interaction among devices to gather, store, and process data. In 2017, IT leaders can explore more insights from IoT to boost business productivity, enhance security and transform business.

More of PaaS and IaaS

After the successful implementation of SaaS solutions, Corporates are planning to push Cloud Computing infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions. IaaS and PaaS trend will allow C-suite executives to focus on cutting-edge technology, lowering business costs and expenses, and move towards focusing more on sales and marketing to meet revenue targets.

Cloud Solutions clearly offers a gamut of advantages to small medium business owners. They let you take care of your vision and core business, while rest everything you can leave up to the cloud platform. With the scalability and flexibility of cloud solutions you can quickly move forward by taking competitive advantages.

More from Enterprise Mobility

Since past decade, we can’t formulate a business strategy without including mobile strategy in it. Mobile technology may not be advancing at the speed of light as it used to be, but the relative stability of the mobile marketplace is exactly what businesses want today. Stability improves reliability, lowers costs and mitigates the risk associated with rapid market changes.

In today’s globalized world, it is never too early to start thinking about how marketing trends are going to evolve in 2017. Chief Marketing Officers are going to use personalized mobility services as one of their prime marketing tools. Marketers with the vision to plan, analyse, and adapt to the seemingly ever changing trends of the digital age constantly rise to the top of their respective sectors.


Innovative technologies are deciding the present and future of businesses since last two decades. Each and every industry is evolving around latest technologies to climb to the top of the ladder. But the digital transformation is not just a technology or a trend, which anyone can learn and implement quickly. It requires leadership, proper strategy and clear implementation. The CXOs are the one, responsible for any organization’s direction towards digital transformation. With the innovation of digital technologies, a lot of business leaders are getting things on demand.

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